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Your home deserves a professional design touch

Sometimes, only the best interior design options will do, whether in your residence or retail location. For large projects or those areas that need special attention, it can be worth the added diligence. A professional consultation can bring products, designs, and other elements to make all the difference in these crucial areas.

Interior design doesn’t have to be a struggle

Design ideas can vary as much as your requirements. When you consider the vast differences between spaces and between homeowners, you can begin to see why professional consultation is so worthwhile. It ensures you won't miss anything regarding the best options for any room in your home. Consider flooring, for instance. Not only are there extensive material options, but you can work to install each material in ways that make them unique to your area. Herringbone installations for hardwood flooring is a great example, as are chevrons or staggered boards. You can even create mosaics with hardwood in much the same way as you can with porcelain tile. Complete remodels can take on every area in your home, including lighting, wall colors, window treatments, and more, and we understand the gravity of the service. That’s why we start working with you before a single material is ever chosen so that nothing escapes our attention. If there are aspects of your interior décor that you’d like to keep in place, we can also work around that with ease. When you’re ready to get started on your project, be sure to make a list of necessities versus preferences. If you'd like to have a new floor covering, but you must have new kitchen cabinets, it's always best to replace cabinets first. We'll help put everything in perspective for a successful outcome.



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We provide design consultations to the greater Casper area

In Casper, WY, Don's Mobile Carpet has a reputation for outstanding design consultation and performance, and we invite you to our showroom there to find out for yourself. Our associates are ready to get started on any size project with a dedication to your specific requirements. Let us help walk you through the process, from start to finish, with all products, services, and ideas you need for a perfect space. We proudly serve the areas of Casper, WY, Douglas, WY, Glenrock, WY, Mills, WY and Casper, WY so be sure to visit us when it’s convenient. We offer extensive options for every requirement, so you’re sure to find our showroom the perfect place for your designer needs. Visit us any time for a flooring estimate and so much more.