What to expect from a professional flooring installation

What to expect from a professional flooring installation

Scheduling a professional flooring installation is the perfect way to make sure your floors are installed to perfection. However, it can breed questions you'll want to be answered before the beginning of the service.

For instance, what should you expect from the process? And how long will it take? We’ll answer these questions and more as you read along with us here.

Carpet installation and more

A great floor shopping experience should end with scheduling a professional installation. As we do that, we’ll make sure you know exactly what to expect, including instructions and plans for removing old flooring, moving furniture, and marking off areas that will be floored so that children and pets cannot access them.

We will also provide a schedule, so you'll know exactly how long we'll work to install your flooring. Installation times can vary greatly, depending on your chosen material, the project's size, and any special considerations like installing around hearths or staircases.

A laminate installation is considerably quicker than a carpet installation. Laminate often features the click and lock system, while carpet requires underpadding, seam connection, stretching, and more.

Other materials that require more time for a proper install include porcelain tile, solid hardwood, and all-natural stone. However, the time frame is well worth the wait once you see the results.

If you'd like to find out the specific details about your installation, be sure to visit us and pick a floor covering today. We'll be happy to give you all the details.

Take advantage of our Casper, WY flooring installation services

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We offer outstanding service in the areas of Casper, Douglas, Glenrock, and Mills, WY. If you’re a resident, be sure to visit us for the best flooring installation for any floor covering.