What should I look for in polyester or nylon carpet flooring?

What should I look for in polyester or nylon carpet flooring?

If you are looking for a soft surface flooring covering, it’s good to know there’s a difference between these carpet fibers when it comes to functionality. Nylon and polyester are synthetic fibers and are popular with buyers.

Each fiber has characteristics that make it appealing in different ways. Read along here to find out more.


Nylon is strong and durable and retains its shape years after installation. It handles heavy furniture and electronics well, springing back into shape once they’ve been moved.

This carpeting receives a chemical treatment that makes it stain-resistant in the manufacturing process. It is also resistant to fading, ideal for sunrooms and other areas with direct sunlight. Since it handles heavy traffic so well, it’s an excellent option for hallways, dining rooms, and living rooms.


Polyester is a carpet fiber that comes in bright, vibrant colors and is inherently stain-resistant. However, it is not as durable as nylon, so it's better for low-traffic areas, like bedrooms.

It is excellent for a child or teen's room, offering a unique look with "hip" colors. This flooring covering with its lively colors is excelling in the primary bedroom for a more sophisticated look.

Polyester is made from recycled plastic drinking bottles, so it costs less than nylon because raw materials and production cost is lower. This makes it an eco-friendly choice as well.

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