Carpet flooring can last 20 years or more with proper care and correct installation.  We know someone with a dog who had carpet that lasted 23 years. She had it professionally installed, got regular deep cleanings, vacuumed several times a week, and spot cleaned stains so they wouldn't set.

Why professional cleaning is necessary

These days, many carpeting warranties have a clause that says the floor covering should be cleaned professionally every 12 to 18 months.  Be sure to read it carefully and also check with your carpet store.

Sand and dirt can be sharp and fray the fibers. A dirty carpet will also become dull and matted, often called crushing, a lack of resiliency. In addition, stains will set, so if you go too long without proper cleaning, your rug will always look dirty, no matter how many times it's cleaned.

While it's always tempting to save money, the portable steam cleaning rental machines don't have the kind of power the professionals use. Understanding the different stains and fibers is necessary because not every type is the same. Using the wrong product won't clean properly and might also damage fibers.

Finally, there’s the drying. It only takes 12 hours for mold and mildew to begin growing and, when you air dry your carpeting, it stays wet for days, and, remember, even the padding gets wet when cleaned.  The professionals use high-powered fans that dry quickly and efficiently.

Carpet: Still the number one choice

There's something for everyone and every budget with a wide variety of styles, patterns, designs, and fibers.  Plus, modern technology has given manufacturers innovative ways to make pet-friendly, hypoallergenic, and sustainable versions!

We have Berber loops, shags, textures, and more from Mohawk, Stanton, and Godfrey Hirst, to name just a few, with fibers like SmartStrand, Air.o, PureColorⓇ solution-dyed and more--in every color from beige to blue.

Come into the Don's Mobile Carpet showroom in Casper, WY, to see why carpet flooring may be perfect for you--and you'll also get a free quote. We service homeowners in and around Douglas, Glenrock, and Mills.